When you have a crush on someone and feeling insecure?

Always when i really have a crush on a guy, i get really insecure.
I think that i am not pretty enough, or smart enough, or social enough.. just not good enough. And even if they show me they like me in some way. im still insecure. But its really enoying because everytime me and a guy have some kind of chemistry i wil just back off because im afraid to screw it al up. And i think that if a guy really likes me he would make an effort to ask me out on a date. and now i am in the exact same situation as always, and i feel that im backing off again and im ignoring him if i see him. Can anybody relate to this or help me out here? what should i do? I dont want to come on too strong...
Any more tips? Or what i should do


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  • there is the difference between the back of and screw everything? in both cases u left alone. so u better try. the more u try the more u start to be comfortable with it and finally begin to trust yourself.


What Girls Said 1

  • I am not usually an insecure person , but if i don't know where i stand with guy, and i feel unsure about his motives and feelings for me, then that can cause me to feel insure at times. I start to pull away and put my guard up and doubt him.

    If i know exactly how he feels about me , and i know where i stand with him then i feel comfortable , and emotionally safe with him. Therefore, i don't feel insecure.


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