Girls, Is she interested in me or not?

I met a girl at her work about a month ago and we always flirted and bantered back and forth and she seemed very interested. I gave her my number when it seemed like it was the right time to do so but after a week there was no contact from her. I once joked with her about sending her flowers to her work and she said she would like that so I thought maybe she was just shy about making the 1st move. I sent flowers to her work but still no response from her. What does this mean?


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  • There are only two options:
    1) She is a flirting kind of girl and she does the same with most of the guys that like her. (A girl can never say no to flowers) or,
    2) She likes you a lot but she don't know how to deal with it.
    To see which one is true, test the first one. Look at her carefully, does she talk the same to the others or check the way she looks at someone else. If you prove that my first option is wrong then she likes you. 😊

    • She works at a bank and I usually talk and flirt with her for like 5 minutes each time while she is making my bank deposit. I gave her my number about a week ago because I mentioned playfully that I'd love to cook her dinner. I also said I should surprise her at work with flowers and she said she would really like that. It's been a week and I have yet to hear from her once so I assumed maybe she was to shy. Since she said she would like flowers sent to her work I thought that be would sweet and spontaneous and really show I'd like to get to know her more. Still no response even when she received the flowers. Mind you she only received them like 3 hours ago said the florist but wouldn't a girl send a quick text saying something? Or is she just waitjnh until she is off of work. Not texting me once after having my number and not texting me yet after surprising her with flowers which she said she would like makes me confused. What do you think she really wants?

    • I think she likes you but she is not ready yet. Don't put much pressure on dating, keep flirting with her but don't make her feel pressured to make a decision yet.

  • If you have her number, text her a short but cute text saying that you were wondering how she was. Are you sure that she actually received the flowers?

    • She did receive the flowers about 3 hours ago. Instead of asking for her number last week I just gave her mine. I thought maybe she was too shy to contact me so I sent flowers to her work cause she said she would like that. Maybe she is waiting until she gets of work but the fact that she didn't text me once after I gave her my number and not texting me yet to say anything makes me feel like I possibly made a mistake when her body language and bantering with me made it seem like she was interested. I even mentioned jokingly coking dinner for her the last time we met and she said she would like that. I don't want to appear creepy to her but because she said flowers sent by me to her work would be sweet I thought I'd be spontaneous and confident in wanting to get to know her. Is she just nervous or was she just being nice all those times we laughed and joked at her work?

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    • She might want to thank you personally tomorrow- I might do something like that...

    • Or she could be waiting a while, not wanting to sound desperate- that can be quite a big thing with some girls.

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