Am I being jealous?

I added my crush on Facebook. It took her a week to accept it. Which didn't bother me. But when I look at things she's posted there's always this one guy who likes everything she posts. Now I know that she's not my girlfriend and she can talk to whatever guy she wants to. But how can I stop I guess kinda being jealous. Like I don't want to be that guy. Is it jealousy or just overthinking way too much.


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  • Both like ofc I would also be jealous if that happend to me. Or if I see a girl that I don't like talk to my crush and laughs with him I know it sounds extreme but I don't hate like many people only some girls in my school

  • Just because he likes everything she posts, it doesn't mean that she likes him back. I think you're just overanalyzing it. Plus, him liking her posts doesn't even mean he has a crush on her, because maybe he honestly likes the stuff she shares, or he doesn't have many friends so she always comes up on his newsfeed.
    Just remember that him liking her posts doesn't mean she's talking to him. If you're really worried then you can start liking her posts too!


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