Any ideas why he won't ask me out?

There's this guy that likes me and he knows I like him back. He sends me messages on facebook but never asks me out. He claims he has no times to see me but I have noticed him hanging out with his female friends. He is in the middle of his A levels at the moment so maybe that's why he doesn't want to see me at the moment. I've tried asking him out but I just get rejected. If he likes me, why would he reject me? I just find he is giving me mixed signals. Any ideas?


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  • He doesn't like you as much as you thought


What Girls Said 2

  • ... I've tried asking him out but I just get rejected...
    He probably 'Likes me' but Not As... I like him back.
    If he Really did Want to Make a Start with Yours and His Heart, He would Do so. He hangs With other 'Female Friends' to the Ends But... He claims he Has no Times to See me...
    It sounds to Me with the Writing on the Wall and All that He would Prefer to Stick to the Book instead with Friends only There and not to Share.
    He knows you Like him and may not want a relationship right now, so perhaps your best bet, I Bet, is to just join in with his Other 'Female friends' and See where This Gets you.
    Good luck. xx

    • Don't disregard it totally.. I have been with guys and called them a Bro and the next thing you Know... WOW!!! Thank you for the Like. xxoo

  • He is not that interested in you.


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