Girls, If a guy had everything you wanted, but had really terrible acne would you still date him?

I'm just trying to figure out why I always get rejected by girls. I dont go around expecting women to date me, but when I look at myself I feel like I have everything women want in a guy. I am confident in myself, I do well in school, work out, study a good field with a lot of opportunity (finance), back in high school before I had acne girls told me I was really good looking, and I act really friendly and nice to people. I'm thinking the reason more women dont express interest in me is because of my acne. I went to a dermatologist and he told me that my acne was among the top third of people he sees in terms of severity, so it isn't exactly mild. Will acne turn a girl away from an otherwise great guy though? If you meet a guy who is everything you want, would you go after him even if he had acne that is really bad? Answer honestly, because I can just see a lot of women answering "Yes I'd date him" but then completely ignoring a guy like that when he comes along.
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  • i dated a guy with acne... I have acne here and there. If acne is detrimental to your "love life"... why dont you ask your dermatologist to put you on accutane... it clears pimples. and your dermatologist shouldve told you this information as well..


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  • Does the dermatologist offer you any hope? If the women on here are honest, I think most will say that it would turn them off. It's like a girl having a port wine stain on her face; you just can't ignore it no matter how hard you try. I hope it gets better for you.


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  • I have a crush on a guy with some black heads on his face and I hardly notice them but when I do I think they are adorable so I'd absolutely date a guy with acne

  • Yes i have. Will continue to.

  • Well.. I mean as long as he is working on clearning it up. A little here and there is fine .


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