If I have feelings for a friend, who happens to have a boyfriend what should I do?

  • Keep my distance from them (avoid her a little)
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  • Talk to her like nothing has changed
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  • Tell her about my feelings
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Keep your feelings out of the way for now. If your crush has a boyfriend at the moment , and your crush isn't a polyamerous person, forget about pursuing them in the romantic way. In the chance your crush breaks up with their boyfriend then you can think of telling them. Don't tell them while they are in a relationship, it will most likely end bad for both parties.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Murder the boyfriend in cold blood and make it look like an accident and then use comforting and being there for her as she grieves as a way to get into her pants.

    Glad to have helped and you're welcome in advance ;)


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What Girls Said 2

  • Well, don't pursue her. Not a good idea. So you can either distance yourself, or continue like nothing's changed. It's up to you, whatever you feel is necessary.

  • Be her friend if you so desire and otherwise move on.


What Guys Said 1

  • Avoiding her a bad option- if you care about her, then you should be there for her, and staying friends means that if she does break up with her boyfriend, you're in a good position to tell her how you feel.

    Telling her COULD make her look at you in a different way, and see you as an 'option', but I doubt she'll suddenly just dump her boyfriend for you. Either she'll feel uncomfortable around you, or she'll empathise and you're friendship will carry on as normal. There isn't really much to gain from telling her now.

    Not telling her in the other hand maintains your friendship, shows her you care about her and keeps you close to her. Just try and improve the bond between you.


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