Which gender is actually the most racist?

I remember a while back I once read an article in that magazine Men's Health on gender's dating preferences and what they look for the most on the opposite sex. I remember one of the main statistic elements that the article used was skin color/race and men got a 0% while women got a 1%. this kinda makes female gender just a little more racist.

but now shifting gears a little I always noticed that when it comes to parenting the father tends to be a little more racist. I dont know if its a social media thing but I think I seen this outside of movies and shows too. when the son or daughter dates outside their own race I always notice that the father always tends to be the stingies. but oh well I'm not trying to generalize I'm just going from what I seen in life so far.

anyways which gender do you think its the most racist and why?
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What Girls Said 2

  • I've never seen it like that. There's no gender that's more racist. There's people in general.

  • Personally speaking I have noticed slightly more racist males than females.

    • Interesting, In Australia I have noticed more racist females than males.

What Guys Said 1

  • Meh… It depends. You can't say either way. In New Zealand there are little to no racist people.


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