He never texted me cause he thought I wanted a relationship- but now I just want a friend?

We had sex and it was bad cuz I wasn't attracted to him. I think he's funny and has a great smile but his hair looked like Justin bieber. My friend told me to move on but I kinda wanna message him and say "I just want to be friends" cuz him and this group we went skiing with all hang out cuz they live in the dorms together and I don't. I don't know if he has anything going on w the other girls in the group but I just want to be in his life too. Should I message him?

To be in his life as a friend...


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  • And what does he want? Did he say anything to you? Does he even want to be with you?

    • No he doesn't want to be w me. But I wouldn't mind hanging out as friends

    • Well there you have it. He doesn't want being with you. Move along now.

  • If you have tried talking to him and he hasn't replied then its likely he doesn't want much to do with you unless its sex oriented


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