Why does my friend seem jealous of guy I like?

So I have guy in my life we get on so well. I tell my bff about him she will say. Oh hope it goes well , or oh nice stages are fun an exciting an oh sounds good. Just seems patronising really.

Also about me an him planning a holiday. She said oh take me when u go. It's a romantic trip so it's odd right? An she will say oh you still going out with that boy? He's a man with own company , house , car etc an villa in Spain.

she's bored of her boyfriend been with him 5 years. He's paranoid cus he's totally punching. They have a daughter together an now she's got a house so she feels trapped. Her house is same area as the guy I am with so I said will see her an she was like oh don't rush etc. I was like I didn't say like I am moving in soon.


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  • Green with Envy, @MysteriousChick93 Although... Not Being Mean, is what I Mean.
    She is In this Relationship Rut, Living under The same Roof with 'Bored of her boyfriend been with him 5 years here, Dear... And Baggage to Boot.
    Good luck and Take it with a Grain Of salt with Your Still Nice as Some Spice... 'Bff.'

    • Thank you, sweetie, for the Like. xxoo

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    • LOL!!! xxoo

    • Thank you, sweetie, for your Vote of Confidence. xxoo

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