Dating too many women?

I'm in a bit of a dilemma.

I'm on an online dating site and I started emailing one girl a couple weeks ago. That went great and decided to go on a date after she returned from vacation. When she was away I started emailing another girl who lives 4 hours away and we exchanged numbers and have really clicked. We talk on the phone for a few hours each day and text throughout the day.

I am meeting the second girl 1 month from now for a weekend in her town. We are both excited for it, we flirt a lot, etc. I almost didn't want to see anyone else. But then I went on a first date with the first girl and that went really well - I liked her and she wants to go out again in a second which I agreed.

I don't know what to do. Do I ditch the first girl and wait 4 weeks to meet the second and limit my options like that? Or do I ditch the second even though the chemistry is great? Part of me wants to keep both in case one doesn't pan out


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  • It really depends on your status. You can date many women if your single, men and women do it all the time. But when you reach a point when you both decide to be boyfriend and girlfriend, the dating thing should stop. Until you you officially have a girlfriend, date as many women as you want. I can guarantee the women you date will be seeing other men.

    • Agreed. You found them on a dating site so they are probably dating other guys and may even be in the same dilema as you. Until you agree with one of them to be exclusive then there is no issue and if they have a problem with it then they shouldn't be on a dating site.

    • @heartsndaggers.. and sometimes even after they say there your girlfriend they'll still skulk into another mans bed.

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  • Keep both until one becomes serious and exclusive, your not tied to either one yet if it's only one or 2 dates and they could be doing the same

  • Damn... how do you have so much success with online dating? Most guys can't even get one date online (including me!)

    • It depends on what site you use. Some sites are better than others

  • Girls are so flakey you should date both and eventually one will either flake or do something crazy any you can just walk away.


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