How do you feel about dating someone with kids?

I love kids, but I find it difficult not personally having kids myself to date someone that does because I will always be put on the back burner. Does anyone else else feel that way?


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  • Exactly. This is one of the reasons why most men don't date women with kids.

    Ive met several of the super super hot women that I refused to go out on even a date with even when they pretty much begged me to go out with them.

    I didn't because they had kids, and I didn't want to lead them on. Sure I wanted to have sex with them really badly cause they were super hot, but I didn't want to feel bad about it later.

    Stupid conscience.

    Remember, you are a woman, and you know that your kids would come first before any guy.

    Which is only one of the reasons why I will never date a woman with kids. unless she's fine with just using me for sex.

    Guys don't think this way, its the woman first and then the kids. As bad as that sounds its the truth. I don't have time to explain how this isn't actually f-ed up but trust me its not.

    Hes not going to put them first, don't worry about it. Girls do that, not men.


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  • OMG in movies those widowed relationships with children are always the cutest onessss. i guess u might be "put in the back burner" or whatevr, but its worth it if u really love that person ;)

  • Wont do it, just not my thing. Id ask to many questions and it wouldnt be a healthy relationship.


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