First date nervs?

I'm meeting a guy from a dating site this Saturday but I am so nervous !! He calls me everyday so we have chatted lots I ask what type of women does he go for and he tells me he likes sexy stunning women ! This has left me feeling anxious about netting him , I say I'm average but I look after myself etc... I'm low on confidence so what he has told me has made me feel worried about meeting me :( he has seen pictures of me and he says he finds me sexy but I hope he likes me the same way in person :/ I'm having second thoughts about meeting him should I not meet? Or should I just go and if he doesn't like me then leave it like that?
Meeting not netting lol


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  • I think you should dress nicely and go! What do you have to lose? Wear something and maybe put on some makeup that make you feel confident 😋 Basically just rock what you are wearing and you should feel good about yourself because you cannot change his perception. It is good though because he already finds you attractive


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  • No, just meet him and get it over with that way you know if you're going to go on a second date etc. To you, you may be selling yourself short but you'll always look different to other people than how you see yourself. Keep your chin up x


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  • Just go. You never know what might happen, and you might regret it if you don't. Live a little and take a chance. It may just end up being fantastic.

  • Just go for it ! You only live once :) I my myself met my boyfriend online.. It took me while to meet up , but after 2 months of talking.. I finally decided to meet up.. Best decision of my life.


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