Who has it harder in the dating world - men or women?

I think guys have it harder. Put two lists of dating requirements for the guys/girls next to each other. One will be a post-it note, the other one will be a damn novel.


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  • Guys for sure. We have to have a certain height, certain amount of muscles, certain amount of money, can't drive a piece of shit car, be a certain race or skin color if living in a different area or a multicultural area, etc.

    Women just have to look good usually and not be fat. Even then, there are dozens of fit guys who are into BBWs (big beautiful women). Most men don't care about height, money, race or skin color of a girl. We're far less shallow than girls.

    • ... you know some shitty ass girls apparently

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    • @Zendrya wilkes888. wordpress. com/2013/02/08/my-final-blog-entry-love-you-all/ Read this blog to see what I'm talking about
      Plus I don't think I'm that ugly to go 28 years of my life without ever kissing a girl and even be liked by a girl. Race and skin color definitely plays a huge part for girls, unless the guys are able to compensate their racial disadvantage by either height, money, or muscles.

    • you could have a shitty personality... Girls don't typically like guys who generalize them with everyone else... You also may have a great personality... I don't you.. but there is so much more that a girl considers than objects. I'm 5'1 so everyone is a giant to me so height doesn't really matter, I hate muscle on a guy, my boyfriend doesn't have a job, he doesn't have a car, my boyfriend is Caucasian but that's just how it happened (he showed interest and no other race was), my boyfriend is chubby. And even as I get older I won't care about any of that stuff either as long as he is independent and not a hobo...

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  • I truly do not think it is easy for anyone. I am not interested in dating right now, but to anyone who thinks that women are approached several times a day by men expressing their interest: you are wrong. I've been approached exactly one time, and he made me extremely uncomfortable.

    I've observed very manipulative people of both sexes, and they made their respective partners lives hell (even if they were too codependent to realize it.)

    • I'm was a bit surprised when you said that you don't get approached. Maybe it's just where I am, but basically all the girls around me are constantly talking about new guys they are dating, guys asking them out, etc. I feel like they are constantly seeing someone and perpetually taken lol. Do your girl friends also have similar experiences as yourself?

  • You're not taking a lot of things into account, such as attractiveness, socioeconomic status, being charismatic vs socially awkward or inept, whether a mental illness (e. g. anxiety and depression) is present, etc.

    I don't think it's fair to generalize when a lot of people of both sexes/genders have trouble dating. Not every woman has a ridiculous check list.

    • "I don't think it's fair to generalize when a lot of people of both sexes/genders have trouble dating"

      Only reason some women have trouble dating because those women only want the top status type guys.

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    • @MyUsernameRules ah. so all women just care about money! of course!

    • Not if they're of either the right height, or buff, the right race or skin color, etc. If not then the guys have to compensate with money.

  • how is this a question? lol

    women have it easier lol

  • I think it's harder for women, as men can now get sex left right and center thanks to things like tinder so there's no need for a guy to stick with a woman anymore

  • neither

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  • Depends on the person, their looks, personality, and circumstances. I'd imagine it'd go something like this:

    1) Attractive, outgoing female
    2) Attractive, outgoing male
    3) Attractive, reserved female
    4) Unattractive, outgoing male
    5) Unattractive, outgoing female
    6) Attractive, reserved male
    7) Unattractive, reserved female
    8) Unattractive, reserved male

  • Guys of course

    Women have extremely high standards, especially if they actually bag a jackpot man in their lifetimes

    If you're not equal or better (usually in looks and wealth) than their highest man, good luck getting her

    You ≥ her highest quality ex = The woman

  • men for sure. Women just need to wait and let all the men come rolling in. It is why even average women think they are supermodels these days.

  • Guys who gets it have i the easiest, then beautiful girls, then regular girls, then regular guys. The girls who are obese and unattractive have it the hardest.

  • That's like asking who's faster: a cheetah, or a turtle?

    Obviously men have it tougher.

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