Why doesn't he open up to me?

I started dating a man in late January and I really love him. There's some things that don't add up to me he has trouble opening up to me. He keeps telling me he has secrets but he won't tell me what they are. I told him that we are a team and we should be able to trust each other but he still won't tell me. Is that bad?


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  • Maybe he is just not ready or comfortable enough sharing those secrets yet? That does seem strange that he would mention that right away though. Like why say anything if he has no intention of sharing them at that moment


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  • It takes a while to earn someone's trust. It would be naive for anyone to give their trust away freely. He obviously has things in his life which he only discloses to people who's confidentiality he trusts 100%

    He obviously wants to tell you or he wouldn't have told you he has " secrets". It seems that he'll tell you when he is ready to.. in his own time. So be patient and respect his boundaries. It appears he wants to tell you, but just not yet.

    He may fear telling you in case you judge him and start distancing yourself from him once you know. So he may need to know your personality more before he can trust that you won't be affected by what he wants to tell you.

    Trusting people is one of the most challengeing tasks that people face, because betraying someone's trust is one of the most painful experiences that a person can face. He'll let his guard down with you in time.


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  • It's still early, so I wouldn't worry too much. He'll open up to you in time. If it gets to the point where you guys have been together for a very substantial amount of time and he is still keeping secrets then I'd be worried. But for now I wouldn't be concerned!

  • ah... I know you are tempted to fix him and make him trust you, etc.. but tbh that's not a good start to a relationship no matter how hard it feels. If I were u id watch out and keep my distances because he has to fix himself before giving himself to someone else


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