Would you date a person with a child who is going through a custody battle?

I am online dating and this guy messaged me. He seemed really nice at first.

His profile says he is a student and we have a lot of similar hobbies. However when I was talking to him it was revealed that he is no longer in school. He says he had to quit school because his custody battle was taking up a lot of his time and he was missing a lot of school.

I'm kind of leary dating a guy who is going through a custody battle. It just seems like something that would take up a lot of his time and make it hard to have time for a relationship.

I haven't even met him yet, we literally just started talking yesterday. I'm 26 years old and he is 32. His son is 3 years old. I'm not exactly sure what happened between him and the ex.

Anyone been through this before? Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated!


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  • So you don't want a guy who is fighting for spending time with his kid? And that without knowing the context?

    Why? Because you fear you will not be his number one priority?

    You really should take a step back and think about your life.

    • So I'm a bad person for being worried he won't have enough time to have a relationship? I think I'm just being realistic. Its okay for me to think about my needs as well. I have to think about how this will impact me going forward as well if I were to pursue this. I'm not a selfish person at all, but I've been through a lot too. Though I am not fighting a custody battle, I'm just trying to think about whether this is something I can handle going through. You don't know my past history. I literally also have no idea as to the situation between him and his ex.

    • You can be defending yourself all you want but the reality is either of the two:

      1. You don't like him enough to begin with and thus have doubts.

      2. You are in fact selfish and see yourself not getting as much out of the relationship as you would like.

      Because you know, when you really like someone and want to be with that person you dont just stop the chance of a relationship on the possibility of things not happening in pink cotton candy land, but in reality.

    • Thing is though, I don't even know this guy. I literally just started talking to him last night. He sent me a message and I replied, then he sent me this long message about what is going on with his custody battle.

      I was hoping by asking this question to get opinions from people who have gone through this before. As I don't have any kids and have never obvsly been through a custody battle. I know it's not going to involve me. But I'm sure I will hear about it and have to deal with some aspect of it if I do get involved with this guy.

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  • What advise are you looking for? Whether to date him? You have to decide that for yourself. This is obviously going to be a big thing in his life and your potential relationship. You have to decide if it's something you're willing to accept because it's not going to end anytime soon likely.

  • This is the best time to show love. But the choice is yours. You know what is best for you.

  • Nah I wouldn't do that


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