How do guys like to start off getting to know a girl?

I am getting mixed singles by a guy I'm talking to. We have been on 2 dates but it's been a month since. We talk every other day, He and I have talked about family, work and hobbies. We had plans that month To see each other On 2 ocassions But because of work Or family We werent able to. Un the beginning I cancelled 3 times because i couldnt make it, Then he cancelled once.

I feel he is taking it real slow which is okay But I'd like To see more of him. He always brings up that We will plan something soon Or apologizes that he was busy and hasn't been able to plan out a date. He got out of a 2 yr relationship 7months ago, I myself have been single for almost 2 years.
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  • Since it's all floating up there and you're not quite sure what's going on between the 2 of you, I would recommend telling him your intentions. Tell him you like him and are interested in something serious. Two options:
    1) Then ask him to tell you whether he feels the same, because if he doesn't, the 2 of you should part ways.
    2) Or you tell him that you are only prepared to go forward with him if he feels the same, and that you would like to know which it is

    It's basically one and the same option, you're just bringing it in a different way.

    • Thank you! Im scared because I have been straight forward in the past and don't want To scare him away with being too forward. I don't know exactly how To tell him. I even asked him out once But he couldnt Then he asked me and I couldnt.

  • Depends on his age when I was younger I'd change my schedule to make time for a women now I just kind of pencil women in if I have time.

    • Thank you... he is 25, 2 jobs and I have work and school, Im 24. When he is available he texts But I understand that he May be tired.

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    • I see what you mean, in this case We both live at home with parents still, We have same values and Morals. I understand what you mean, just be careful, the phrase of wifing ex hos did come off offensive But I see what you where trying To say.

    • yeah im trying to say i ain't wifing ex hos

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