What just happened, what are her thoughts?

Me and this girl have been friends for some time now. I really like her, but at the same time only see her as a friend. As time grew though, I started getting feelings, and she even got flirty with me. We walked to classes, teased, joked, touchy etc. Then, she started talking about prom, and so on. I went to ask her out, finally had the balls, but found out her and another guy have been "hanging out". All her friends keep asking if they are official, and she always says no, saying she doesn't like him as much as he likes her etc. We kept talking, and she always waved at me, stared at me, etc. Then, I asked about them, and she told me no, we aren't together, and that was the last time I saw them together. Next day, she buys me a small gift, but something that meant a real ton to me. When she gave it to me, I looked her in the eyes, and said she was the best girl in the world, her eyes were huge. She smiled, blushed and we continued our class. Just when I go to talk to her alone, she walks away. Confused, I try to see her other times during the day, trying to talk to her, maybe ask her out and she ignores me/avoids me. Her friends on the other hand keep staring at me, laughing, and looking away quickly. I go to text her, and get no response. Should I just wait it out, not text her anymore, I mean, she ignored me and avoided me the whole day. What is going on, why?


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  • I wouldn't text her, makes you look clingy/desperate. I would wait it out and have her talk to you when she ready. Your comment might have made her uncomfortable and she needs sometime to figure out how she feels.


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  • Amazingly I read your block of text, and am surprised you don't see that you have been firmly planted in the friend zone


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