Tried to confirm a date with girl and she flaked, how do I proceed?

Asked this girl out a couple days ago and she cancelled the day of. Its unforgettable how she acted when I asked her out:

We were talking to eachother in person about the weekend and she said that there was nothing going on for her on Friday. I then told her we should go out to eat.

Her response was: "where?" then there was a pause for a second and she said "when?"
(again, this was in person, not over text) I took that as a definite yes and set up the date.

Texted her the day before the date to confirm it- "Hey we're still on for dinnner tomorrow, right?"

It took her to the day of to respond (over 12 hours later) that she could not go. She had a great reason that I know is true but she did not offer a reschedule or anything.

My response: "Ok, maybe some other time"

haven't heard back yet. The next text that she sends me (if she sends me one) will decide what I do, but I want to get some other opinions.

What do you think? Is she into me or not?


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  • Doesn't sound like she is really interested... OR... she's just busy. I would still be polite about it and explain I am too busy, or try to reschedule anyways. At the very least, I let the guy know I'm not interested. I don't like making people wait.

    • I forgot to mention that she posted on twitter during the 12 hours she did not respond.

      Also, we know each other pretty well and every time a different girl came up to say hi to me she would get very jealous. and when i finally got her number she looked down and smiled after giving my phone back. These were pretty large hints lol

    • Very mixed signals... like she wants you, but doesn't seem to make the effort. Next step is up to you. You can either wait it out and keep trying, or let her know you are moving on.

    • There were plenty of other obvious signals besides those, which is why I'm confused. It's already been 4 hours so I'm just going to wait.

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  • Sorry but I don't think so.

  • She doesn't care one way or the other.


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  • If you know she had a good reason; why do you consider it a flake?

    • Because she flakes on other people. This is the first time she has done it to me, but its for a real reason.

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    • Hard to say :/ but she was interested at first it seems

    • Well she still hasn't responded so I take it as though she isn't interested and I'm just going to move on.

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