How do I transition into asking a guy for his number?

Today I was walking to a job interview when I saw this guy with a cute labrador puppy and I asked him if I can pet it. I like Labrador so we discussed it but I did not ask him for his number. He was attractive and as soon as I walked away I kind of wished that I asked him for his number but I had to go

I did not think I would meet a guy like that I found attractive today so I did not know how to go about it. I was not thinking about asking for his number while talking to him


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  • That's just how life works, you won't have situations you are ready for, so whenever you even think of really having interest in a guy, give him your number. :D

    • How do I do that without being aggressive

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    • Shit now I'm regretting not giving it to him

    • its okay there'll be other times probably lol

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