Girls, girls think I'm a player but I never been in a relationship?

why do most girls i meet think im a player when i have never had a girlfriend in my life at 21 people say wheres your girlfriend i say" i ain't looking" but i have had plenty of one night stands but then the girls say im a player when i make my itentions clear its no relationship just a one night fling. I dont want a relationship im too scared at this moment to go into a relationship as i love my life holidays abroad with my lads going clubbing every weekend meeting new girls.

My point is i have looked in the past and been rejected probably becuase they were hotties waayyy out of my league but im not a player?


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  • Umm, based on your own description, you are pretty much the definition of s player.

    • is just wanting to have fun without being in a relationship a bad thing. I mean I want one just not now when I'm ready. I always make it clear I never lead girls on. I just wanna have fun a be free

    • I didn't say it's a bad thing, I just said it's a player thing.

  • You are.


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