Should I ask her to Prom?

Me and her have been friends for about 6 months. We kept talking more and more, sharing secrets, getting to know each other, thousands of inside jokes, etc. She started to tell me more things than any other girl friend, but then things shifted. I noticed her starting to act really flirty, teasing me, staring at me more, getting jealous when I'm with other girls (seemed annoyed and kept asking who they were) etc. I started to get feelings back, we walked to classes and so on. I was going to just ask her out, but her and another guy started seeing each other. Not dating as she emphasized to me though. However, her friends keep asking when they are going to be official, are they dating yet, because they still hang out. I told her I really cared about her, and so on, and after that I haven’t seen her and this other guy around together (might be coincidental though). Next day, she buys me this small, but extremely meaningful gift. I looked her in the eyes and said she was the best girl in the world, her eyes looked huge and she blushed and smiled. She then started to talk about prom, and the cute promposals people were doing, literally out of random and nowhere.

Then though, she seemed to ignore me the rest of the day, I tried to come up to her, talk to her, but it felt like she was avoiding me. Her friends, unlike usual, seemed to constantly be looking at me, laughing, etc. I get home, try texting her to no avail. Then later though, she starts texting me like crazy, we start having a convo again, and it seems good. I'm sort of confused, I don't know if this guy is still in the picture or not, and I don't know how to move forward. Should I ask her?


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