Girl likes my boyfriend?

My (ex) friend likes my boyfriend. She flirts with every girls boyfriend it is SO annoying. Not to mention she has also cheated on every guy she has dated this year & she has sent naked pictures of herself.

Anyways she would flirt with him all the time, like for example at school, she would be all over him & she would try to touch him. And she would flirt with him but this was when I wasn't around.

My boyfriend didn't do anything back, he didn't flirt with her. And she also started telling people that my boyfriend liked her & that she liked him and that they were fixing to date. I told her off and I told her this, "quit flirting with my boyfriend he is mine, leave him alone." And she said started being a b**** and she said "Um whatever, I'm not flirting with him."

thats a big lie! I seen her do it right in front of me. I know flirting when I see it, anyways I said "yes you are you slut, you always flirt with him 24/7 don't lie to me, how dumb do you think I am?" and she said "b**** I am not flirting with him & your not dating him either."
then I said "yes I am, you dumb a** b**** quit flirting with him, it is not your place." and she didn't say anything back.

I hate her so much, she tried to take my boyfriend from me & ruin our relationship. She has always liked him but I always ended up with him this isn't the first time we have dated, she hasn't dated him before. And when she was flirting with my boyfriend she was flirting with some other guy too.

She flirts with every guy and I am sick of it. Was I wrong for calling her out on her actions? And why won't she believe that I am dating him?
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What Guys Said 1

  • Hats off to ya.. you did the right thing here by calling her out on this


What Girls Said 1

  • You were right, she's in the wrong


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