Should I leave him?

I have a boyfriend and we been together for two years. He has a habit of doing drugs but he quit mdma because of me, he only smokes weed now. He is really caring and always picks me up and drops me home. My dad really likes him too. But one thing about him really bothers me and it's about how he always wants me to excerise and not stay up late and finish my homework on time. I'm in second year in university and every time I tell him im staying up late because I'm spending time with my brother or family members , he gets mad. He says that he worries about me and he knows that I have health problems ( I have a blood disorder, I can't produce my own blood cells so I get blood transfusions once a month). He says he wants me to sleep on time so I'm well rested and he wants me to excerise so that I don't get anymore Health problems in the near future. He also says that excerise helps me be more active instead of being tired all the time.
i am also going through depression and he pushes me to stop taking antidepressants because he thinks antidepressants have a similar chemical composition as mdma. I tried explaining to him that I was really suicidal and that I have been doing a lot better since I have started taking them and that I'm actually improving because of the medication. He also doesn't like me taking medication because he believes pharmacies pay doctors to prescribe pills and he thinks medication is just a way of doctors ripping people off by getting their money. He always recommends natural remedies. I had bronchitis and I took antibiotics the doctor gave me because nothing was working and he got mad at me and told me to eat raw honey and wait until my immune system destroys the virus on its own. I am born with a weak immune system and because of my blood disorder, I rely heavily on different types of drugs for survival. That is why doctors prescribe drugs right away when I get sick because they know my immune system isn't strong enough to fight off bacteria


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  • He's still doing drugs if he's doing weed. He has no problem with illegal drugs but genuine prescriptions from your Dr he has a problem with. Are you this stupid? Dump this dumb piece of shit. Never never never stop taking psyche meds. I have major depression too.

    • Yeah.. I kinda feel like he is in no position to tell me what to do.. Like my GPA is higher than his yet he critizes me. But I don't know he is taking Petreluom engineering a dim taking journalism so I guess journalism is easier but he is doing a diploma whereas in doing a bachelor degree. He is actually try to do a bachelor after he graduates. By the way , is it true that mdma and anti depressants are the same?

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    • No. He's a fucking paranoid conspiracy theory uneducated jack ass. You can do so much better

    • It's true , I think the drugs made him that way

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  • Would u like it if u get to marry him and have children who could God knows what have because he takes drugs? and he might influence u too so I Suggest to tell him to quit it or u know leave him

    • Marijuana doesn't cause any type of birth defects. I wouldn't expect you to know this because you're under 18, but it has no real negative health implications. Now, the MDMA on the other hand... that's a different issue.

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    • Well since I had cancer in the past , he always paranoid about me getting it agian , that's why he always asks me to excerise and sleep on time and stuff but I don't know if he trying to be nice or if he is being controlling

    • Tbh I don't know if he's being nice or controlling bc u said it urself am under 18 and I still haven't been through those stuff yet but if u love him so much try to convince him like tell him be like "look I love u so much and I always will it's just that I wanna spend my whole life w u and if I do I want u to quit weed bc if we ever get married I don't want my children to have some kinda of a problem like cancer or a problem w the way they look" thats just an example and am really sorry that u had cancer

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  • Well, you definitely shouldn't be taking medical advice from the guy.

    I don't see a problem in him wanting to take care of you and expecting you to be well-rested and take care of your responsibilities, but definitely not medical advice.

    I grew up with a girl who was born with an immune system disorder. Tell him you love and respect him, but you need the medicine. If he can't deal with that, then he doesn't care as much as he says he does.

    • And as far as weed... weed never hurt anybody. I'd honestly rather have someone smoke weed than cigarettes or drinking too much

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    • Typical pot head. Refusing to admit it's downfalls.

    • @reptocarl Typical old douche. I'm a former pothead, and you are too. Get the fuck over yourself. You're wrong, but I'm done with your douchey dismissive attitudes, old man

  • Look he is trying to be over controlling.
    There should be a space in relationship where one does not control the other. It should not be so. He is being over possessive and its not a good sign. If u go out with him he would get u into more trouble. I feel one partner should respect and care about other partners opinion. So i thing u should end this..

    • Why does he want to control me? I have brought this up with him numerous times and told him to stop because I think he is being controlling and he gets really sad when I tell him that I think he is controlling. I feel like he might be insecure because one time I was out to dinner with my dad and we left the house at 11 and we were there till one ( it was a bar) and he started texting me andgetting angry and told me to go to bed and that I had to leave immediately and go to sleep and I told him I'm not doing that and he actually confessed that he felt left out that I was at a bar having fun with my dad and that he wished he was there with me and my dad and that's why he was acting that way

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    • choice is yours !
      1 You want to live your life like the way you love?
      2 You want that guy?

    • I have to be Xper 2 to be able to message you, it won't let me
      Do you think he could be insecure? I really like him but I'm starting to consider leaving him

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