How do I let him know that I am interested in him without having to say it, and getting a clear response from him?


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  • I say this a lot. You're an adult now. You're *allowed* to just say what you mean instead of having to play children's games. Tell him, "I think you're (cute) or (very good looking) or (hot)"

    • Believe me.. I know lol, I have no trouble telling someone how I feel I'm really straight forward... I just don't want to tell him and then have it be weird

    • What makes him or this situation different?

    • we were in a relationship back in high school, I was his first girlfriend and he was sort of the one that got away, I was young didn't know what I wanted, we have history, he got out of a 6 year relationship with his second girlfriend because she cheated and this was maybe 4 months ago... We both said we keep saying we are friends but its obvious that we are more, at some point I steered away from him because of my ex but he doesn't know,( single now) he had told me he started focussing on me so much that he wasn't focussing on himself, and how he has to focus on himself..( I think maybe he felt like he cared more than I did at that time) when we are together it always feels right and we talk endlessly and we are always flirt and tease each other..

  • Body language mate, Barney think you should try make sort of eye contact maybe send a letter? Or just hit him with your shoulder :)

    • We told each other we liked each other.. but then it got a bit complicated in my life so I steered away, now we are kind of back where we left off seeing each other more except I don't know how to show him that I like him..

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    • I feel like if I do say that I might ruin it, and normally I wouldn't hold back, but its a bit of a fragile situation, I don't want to be annoying about this :p but I wish there was some other way to approach that subject :S

    • Walk in with a rose n chocolate? :P

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  • Show it through your body language. Be near him, stare at him, touch him a lot etc.


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