How can I approach my boyfriend in a positive manner when it comes to his lack of involvement?

We have been together for nearly five years now and we have two children together; soon to be three. Up until 4 weeks ago he was very helpful and considerate. However, he started getting violent in his sleep and I was unable to wake him during these times so I have been sleeping on the floor (at 23 weeks pregnant) in fear that he will knee me in the stomach, again. He was supposed to seek out a sleeping specialist but has failed to do so.

Since he started becoming violent in his sleep he has limited his contact with me and the kids entirely. Picking up more shifts at work and as soon as he gets home he either stays in his garage or he leaves to go hang out with his buddies. He hasn't helped out with the kids at all. This has gotten extremely frustrating for me because where I have been sleeping on a hard wood floor I have not gotten more than four hours of sleep a night; and my kids wake up at 7am every morning and he refuses to get up with them so I never get a chance to sleep in or take naps during the day. He's also started making me bring the kids with me to all my doctors appointments which is beyond stressful. It seems like the only contact I have with him anymore is when we are eating dinner and even then he doesn't sit at the table as a family anymore. He's been sitting at the island.

How can I approach this without throwing my anger and frustration in his face?


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  • Leave him a note on the counter explaining your feelings in a polite way and ask for him to come speak to you.


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  • Tell him you need to talk.

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