Why would a girl from Tinder play this game all of a sudden?

We had "met" on Tinder and she was pretty quick with giving me her number, I didn't even ask her to, and the same day she proposed meeting up in a cafe. I agreed and she agreed on this and we were supposed to meet up the following day.

On the next day however, she didn't show up for our meet-up at the time we'd agreed on and I text her after 40 minutes asking whether something's come up. She said, she'd fallen asleep because she was so tired. I was still waiting inside the cafe and another 40 minutes passed and then I texted her again.

She then asked me to send her a selfie and that she wanted to see more of me.

She had seen me on Tinder before and I'm confused why she is playing such a fame all of a sudden?

like, wtf?

I wasted 2 hours I could have spent studying today because of this -.-


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  • She stood you up. Don't tolerate that BS and move on.

    • She was 20 years old, that was just immature of her, I told her to go away and asked her whether my life lasts forever. Seen, but no response. That was it

    • I wouldn't have stood someone up regardless of my age. I could have been 15 and would know it's wrong. Seems like she really just has a bad character more than anything.

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  • Stupid girl trying to play hard to get or just being stupid !
    I dont know if i was you , i won't contact her again , what she did was extremly disrespectful...

  • Leave this girl be. She is a weirdo.


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  • Its Tinder my friend, many girls are on their just for attention and to fuck around (literally and figuratively).

    Just stay away from that app, not the best quality people on there.

  • Honestly bro, that just sounds too fake. don't go for it. either facetime her, or talk on the phone at least. if you are going to meet up, then be careful. if you have facetimed her then I don't know dude. weird that she was so direct

    • What do I have to be careful of? I'm 6'5 and weight 100 Kg :/

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    • she was 20 years old.. at this age, you should be mature enough to not play such games. On the other hand however, I've seen many girls who lie about their age and make themselves older. I once had a girl chat me up on social media and she pretended to be 19, although he was 15, as I found out just days later - I blocked her right away - she sent me naughty messages and at 20 I can go to jail for this- I deleted everything. You have to be careful, true...

    • You're 6'5?
      Niceee :)

  • She sounds like a sex fiend. I'm guessing she asked you to come over the night before and you said she couldn't. She fell asleep and was tired bc she found another guy who actually would come over and bang her. You have to act fast on Tinder.

  • She just wanna see more pics to confirm its just not your pic you look Good in OP lol do same with her. These chicks crazy with Filters on tinder

  • It's called being a flake. "Next" her.

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