Why do girls always think I'm a player?

Ladies do you assume ALL men you date are players? Every girl I've dated always gets paranoid I'm talking to other girls.
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  • There is something about you that makes them think this
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What Girls Said 2

  • either you give off vibes that you are hiding something fro them, or you have been a player in past, it doesn't really matter but if its all the girls you've been with its deffinitely something you are doing

  • There would have to be some previous evidence that you were a player before I'd asssume it.


What Guys Said 1

  • when Girls see a playful guy whos confident, hot and good looking who gets along with everyone especially girls they start having ideas, I don't know why you find it bad as long as they dont catch you acting like shit you're good its good they will think you're valuable currency, you dont settle down easily and they have to stand out to "tame" you , so play it cool and dont fuck up infront of them.


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