How do I tell my new boyfriend that my ex was a girl?

I dated a woman for 6 years. When I broke up with her I decided that I needed time to find myself because I was with her from age 13-19. I am now dating a guy and I really like him but feel like he needs to know about my past in order for him to really be able to fall for me. No one knows I was with her and he would be the first person I tell. I was also "engaged" to her and did everything else couples do. I am freaking out about how he is going to react. I tell him thing about my last relationship but I always use the word "they" or "them". Advice?


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  • if you've made up your mind to tell him then blunt does it. He'll think you're joking and ask you "really?" twenty times more than necessary, but it'll sink in.

    Men are quite simple like that.


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  • Just tell him he will probably think is a turn on


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