Signs he's not into you?

Hey! This one's for the guys.

How do I tell if a guy doesn't like me? Are there any things you guys do when you're NOT that into her?
I'm taking about the guys who are friendly with everyone making them harder to read.


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What Guys Said 2

  • I will text them but not call them.. I never make plans with them. If they ask me I always have a legit excuse

  • He won't want to really engage in conversations with you. He might say hi and all but he won't want an actual talk


What Girls Said 1

  • This can vary between men.
    I'm not a guy, but from my experience:

    He replies poorly to your messages without interest.
    He doesn't take you seriously.
    He tends to make excuses and is too busy for you.
    His friends are more important than you.
    He doesn't like to initiate the conversation.
    He shies away if you bring up relationship talk.
    He doesn't flirt with you.
    He won't introduce you to friends/family.
    He won't ask you out on a date.
    He doesn't mind you dating someone else.

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