How to tell if you stopped liking someone?

Well, this is going to sound stupid. Okay so a few weeks ago on Valentine's day I went to a party, dare and dare happened and all that this guy had to kiss my forehead, I had to kiss his cheek. After that night I liked him, I wanted to kiss him again. My friend found out he felt the same. About a week ago we started dating, i always wanted to talk to him, a little clingy ig? Im not sure. Well now, I don't feel anything, like I haven't talked to him today, but I just don't feel anything, why is that? Does this mean I not like him? What? Feelings? But also, our relationship has been very awkward, we are awkward people and in person we never know what to do or say, does this have any impact on my feelings? HELP.


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  • When you stop caring about that person, in my opinion.
    Your question suggests you still care.


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  • You no longer think of them all the time. You no longer feel the need to be near him etc.