Should I feel weird he's going out to eat with a female friend and her family?

Guy I m seeing told me he was going out to a restaurant with a friend and their family, I asked what friend, he said his friend Jane - strange he didn t tell me that in the beginning. Anyways, I ve never heard of this friend, and ice heard of a few of his female friends. Not this one. I just find it strange that he s going out to eat with her family too? He s never wanted to go out to eat with my family - we aren t official by the way. He told me her name and told me her family was cool, and asked what I was doing. I just said "oh ok" and left it at that. I m just concerned. I find that very strange. I m afraid of how this came about. Also, the night before I slept over and he was acting kind of strange, and then at night he didn t really cuddle with me or anything. And in the morning, he didn t really say much, and was acting kind of distant... I m worried because he had been texting a girl for a while now. And I confronted him about it - he wouldn t give me answers and then we didn t talk for about a week because he didn't want to argue. But then we started talking again, and he barely texted anyone.


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  • Something is going on. The part where you slept over and no cuddles and him acting strange did it


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  • I would feel weird if I were in your position as well. He's acting very strange. How long are you guys dating and how long does she know her?

    • We have been dating for a year. I don't know how long he has known her. I know nothing about her.

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