First time friends with benefits... Confused. Am I Handling This The Correct Way?

So I guess I'm in a friends with benefits situation? lol. We haven't established if this a friends with benefits or not, which is fine because I don't want a relationship. I'm just confused because I feel like I'm being rude here lol. He set up a nice romantic date, cuddled and kissed after thef first time we had sex, drove me home and we pecked as I got out of the car- just a gentleman about things.

I never reach out to him (don't want to blur any lines). He took a week to say something to me, but I ignored his message. He sent me another text a week after I ignored him and he sent me kissy faces and I'm contemplating on if I should respond back or not lol.

Since this is my first friends with benefits, how should communication go? I feel bad about ignoring his texts but I just want to make sure no lines are blurred. When I'm ready to do the do I'll say something other than that I just don't see the point in talking I guess, but doing this just also seems rude lol.


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  • So here's the thing.

    You're friends with benefits. Meaning you somewhat care about this person.

    You are treating him like a booty call. Meaning someone you don't care about him and only use him for sex


What Girls Said 1

  • Tell him that you don't think it's necessary to communicate that often. It doesn't matter if it sounds rude. It gets your point across.


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