How do I know if this guy that I call my brother likes me?

okay so there's this guy in my class and his name is ethan and he is 15 and i call him my brother because I've known him for so long but he always talks about how pretty i am today and i just play it off like normal. and sometimes he'll hug me and he asks me sometimes if i would like him if he didn't have acne and i always told him I don't know. and everytime he looks at me he just smil, es and he always makes me happy and i like him. I've always liked him but i didn't want are friendship to be ruined so i told him he's like a brother to me and ever since then we've been brother and sister. and this one time he texted me just remeber i will do anything for you. so does he like me or am i just in over my head?
how do i tell him i like him without freaking him out. because as you already know i put him in the brother zone.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Sure he does

  • Yes he does. He makes you happy? So reveal your feelings. You could be great together ❤️

    • Just say hey we should go out some time. Catch a movie or something. See if his reaction is excited or just normal. It might give you an indication if he will take your relationship past the friend zone

    • okay ill try that thank you so much

    • You're welcome. I hope it works out between you both. It sounds like you already have a really great friendship which is a such a good thing 🙂

What Girls Said 1

  • Yes, the guy that you have brother-zoned likes you. :p


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