Why would a man show up in a minute notice after a terrible date?

Our first date was so terrible and it was all my fault. He stopped contacting me afterwards. I don't blame him , because I kind is hurt his feeling. I gave him a call and we have talked and I said sorry. He didn't seem to tAke the appology , although we have talked for more than 30 min. I called him the other day to see if he is around , because me and my friend was close to his neighborhood. He was in a nearby city and drove 30 minutes to meet is and had a good time at the bar. It is so confusing why he even show up if he is no more interested or angry with me? We have never called eachother afterwards.


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  • Probably still has interest, nevertheless whatever happened on that date. He probably just gave you some time because he doesn't want it to be
    awkward between you two.


What Girls Said 1

  • Might have been bored.

    • Really? So he drove 30 min to see a woman with whom he had terrible date with? To take her and her friend out for a drink and pay? Bored? I don't know

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