How do I let guys know I'm interested?

All of my friends have been in successful relationships for a few months now and although I have had boyfriends I have been single. Now that everything is in order I am ready to start dating again. The thing is I am clueless at seeing guys interest as well as sharing mine.
I've read a few times that eye contact and smiles are super important but I have realized that I rarely look people in the eyes. I work as a cashier and I actually make eye contact with maybe 12 of my customers in a 5and a half hour shift.

In short:
What makes you notice a girl?
What signs does she give that let you know she is interested?


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  • Well you gotta make eye contact. If you don't do that they are going to think you're not even interested in talking to them let alone them actually thinking you like them.

  • Whether or not she initiates with me makes me notice her more. Its something that girls seldom do so when she does that makes me notice.


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