Girls, did you ever make a guy chase so much that they lost interest?

What did you do then? Just give up on them because if you tell them it will hurt your ego?


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  • No.

    The give and take of courting aka "the chase" is a delicate art. You have to express enough interest to make sure he knows you're interested but not enough to be overbearing and then give him time to express his interest and then you must respond to said expressed interest in a way that gets him to show more interest and then you dance around this mutual interest thing until one of you gets the nerve to close the gap and make it official.

    Every move is calculated and important. You can't back off too much otherwise he'll think you were never interested in the first place but you can't come on too strong because then you'll scare the shit out of him lol


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  • why the hell would i do that?


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