Did his feelings quickly change?

Does he still have feelings for me?
This guy likes me and has tried to get my attention for quite awhile and I wouldn't give it to him cause I'm a nervous wreck. After I kept ignoring him he started to stop giving me attention but whenever I am not looking I always catch him staring at me or Eavesdropping on me and my friend in class. And I would always catch him looking from the corner of his eye. So yesterday I was at my locker and I looked over at him and we made eye contact but then he looked away fast like he was annoyed and walked away, so I guess my question is, is he done with me or he still have a thing for me? As a guy do you give up quickly or do you keep going on


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What Guys Said 1

  • Lol - ignoring him for awhile...

    Do you give up quickly...

    As far as he knows, you have no interest, and he will continue to think that until you make it clear that you are interested.

    By make clear, i dont mean smile at him all the time. You will likely need to actually tell him


What Girls Said 1

  • Hard to tell.
    Maybe you should talk to him more in order to find out if he likes you or not.


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