I accidentally told her I liked her, what would you say I do from her response?

This girl already knows I like her because I built up a lot of feelings for her when we had a fling last September. She even told my best friend that she likes me. After that she went cold on me, probably due to her ex boyfriend coming back, so when I asked her out she said she isn't ready for a relationship. We decided to stay friends although she is indecisive about things, at times she says she doesn't know what she wants and that she does like me.

We had a bit of a fall out a couple of months ago but reconciled and said that we should stay friends but I see her as more than that. After last week when we shared a bed together in our underwear, no sex or kissing though, my feelings came rushing back. Last night I text her when I was upset saying:

"I just want to let you know that despite everything that's happened with us two. I still like you a lot. That's all"

She responded:

"Aww bless you. Awwww"

I know I probably shouldn't have sent that to her but I did. What would you say I do now from her response?


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What Girls Said 1

  • She probably thought you meant as a person.


What Guys Said 2

  • As i see it, two options.

    Either tell her you want her all to yourself, and that you can't settle as just friends.


    Be daring, kiss her and make some drama for her. Normally, i would advise against this, but this girl seems to enjoy the song and dance.

  • your message to her probably was a surprise attack and she really didn't want to let you down so she is bound to send something cute... i advice you should let it go because now you can't take the message back but at least you know how she feels about you. just dont try to make it better by saying anything at all because at best you going to make it worst

    • That's what I'm doing. She knows I like her, it's obvious and I can't get over her. I'm putting a fork in this situation now.

      The only issue is that she will contact me again. What would you advise I do when she does?

    • if you can handle your emotions then keep reaching out to her until she comes around if it too much to handle ask her politely to allow you some room to get over her... trust me if she likes you even a little it will get to her she might turn to be more close to you than you can ever imagine... remember pain plus pain always soothe

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