22 Dating 18 - Is this a smart Idea? Success Stories?

I am 22 and I met a girl who is 18 and we hit it off, I can tell she has interest but am hesitant on acting on my feelings because I do not know if it is a smart idea. She seems very mature but in my own experience I changed a lot from 18 to 22.

Is it wrong for me to keep texting her if I am undecided?
Also I am recently, 4 Months, out of a 5 year relationship. Is this apart of my hesitancy?


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  • Honestly no one can tell if going into a relationship is a smart idea. Trust your feelings. If you really like her then go in hesitation, but keep her feelings in mind as well..


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  • hard to say but mostly depends on you, what do you really want. because if you show her enough love she might change but in a good kind of way if u fuck up she will change anyways but not sure if it will be in your favor

  • age/2+7= safe so thats 18 seem ok to me, maybe keep it cool and keep things simple


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