Asked her to hang out, got this, what next?

I told my female friend I was looking for people to see this movie with, and asked her if she wanted to see it (she said she wanted to see it also). Lately, she has been quite flirty as well, and touchy, teasy, etc. I also started being a little flirty, and it seemed like a postive reaction, so asking her to this I thought was a good step to see where we stood. I asked her to see it, and got "Sorry I don't know, out atm, trying to not use data". Personally I don't mind, I'm more worried about her thinking this meant the Friendship was over. I texted her the next day just to see reaction, told her a joke, and she laughed and we signed off. Any ideas though? Did I fuck up? What next?


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  • Take what she said at face value - she was out and did not want to use mobile data. Simple. Try again some other time. Only give up and move on when it's glaringly obvious that you have to. For not, it's still not in the clear tho.

    • Ok, now for example, I asked her to let me know when her data was back up and at it. Should I ask her again, or wait and see if she brings it up?

    • "I asked her to let me know when her data was back up"

      Dude that's being a little bit too pushy. Just talk with her when she's more free, that's all.

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  • I think you're being a little pushy. Ignore her for a couple of days and then try again.


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