Do u ever feel like life doesn't want you to find that person yet?

I love love love Mexican guys and guys from Spain Argentina all over Latin America! I met one lately he is needing time to get over his last relationship. But he is great. Then I went to Spanish service at church and not one Hispanic! Everyone was white or whiter than me! I have gone dancing a lot and I don't see anyone catching my eye. Just the one that isn't ready for me. I swear if I went to Mexico they would all be on a pilgrimage to the Virgin Guadalupe and there will only be tourists! I feel like I am not supposed to meet anyone yet. Ugh! God knows I try
Lol it is always the cute Hispanic guys your age that like me these days.


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  • many Mexican men love American women, so come and give it a try. Even if you don't get laid, Mexico has lots of things to offer, other than drugs of course XD

    we have good parties, and tan skins haha

    • I love meeting them they are as passionate as I am and I love the culture and so on I was seeing a real cute one lately but he has a crazy Ex also from Mexico and she is flat out psycho. Like she would kill me if she knew we were hanging out. Unfortunate cause he is beautiful in many ways

    • hahah oh yeah, we are very crazy exes XD you don't mess with a Latina lol

      just give her a piñata with your face on it and she will forget about you, let her destroy the piñata and steal her man 😎😎

      nah I'm kidding, but be careful tho, sadly many Latinas don't care about getting into crazy fights. Tell the dude to get a restriction order or something lol

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  • You got one here

    • It is always guys your age that like me these days!

    • Is it wrong?
      I know a woman of your age she lives in Texas and she has the same issue as yours

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  • I married mine... Just keep searching. You'll find him.


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