Do I have any future with this guy or should I just move on?

So, I knkw this guy for about a year and a half. We met on facebook after making eye contact at a coffee in the town I study at. We talked many times but not every day, it had some weeks in between conversations. Recently he asked me for a casual date and we went to a bar and talked a lot. Two weeks later he asked me again and it was the same amazing thing. This last two weeks he has been messaging me at night asking me where I am going, if I could show up at the party he is at and stuff like that, I never went because I don't know thisguy that well to actually go in the club alone to meet up with him and he understands that. This guy is very popular, he has many friends, always has girls all around him all over the place. He told me he misses having a girlfriend. Should I expect anything from here?


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  • He's probably a playa who wants a good little wifey type girlfriend.


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  • I think you should give it a try


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