Moving out of the Friendzone?

We've been good friends for years, and recently, we've been flirting, and it's pretty obvious to me that there's feeling on both sides. However, we still retain the attributes of a friendship, so my question is, do I address this, or do I just let it go and stay in this stage of mild flirtation and confusion?


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  • If the feeling is mutual I don't see why you should not address the situation. And if you are afraid of ruining the friendship, don't be. Most of us always have this fear, but honestly, this person could be the best partner for you and having a strong friendship as a base to your relationship could only make your relationship even stronger. And even if things do not work out... if your friendship is strong enough, it will survive, it might not ever be exactly the same, but you won't completely lose the person. You have to at least give it a fair shot.


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  • Escaping the friendzone is a very difficult maneuver. Godspeed.

    • Hey man, just an update. I went after it, and it went well. Thanks for the blessing lmao

  • If its mutual, its not friendzone.

    Do you want to date her?

    • I mean, yeah that would be great. But also wouldn't want to do anything to ruin our friendship

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