Cancel the date?

Started talking to a girl I work with and gave her my number and we texted each other for a little while, then she adds me on FB out of the blue the next day. Long story short we text here and there, and talk a couple times at work over a weeks time.
A couple days ago I asked her if she wanted to go out for lunch during a week day and she said sure!, where would you like to go? I told her the day and place etc and she said that's fine!
Although she said yes I've been thinking maybe I should just cancel, I just get the feeling she's not really interested. She told my friend she's looking for a serious relationship and someone she can get to know but she never texts me first, asks me questions or really tries to talk to me at work like she does with other guy's. So I figured it'd be best to cut ties with her and just delete her FB and # but I don't know I need other opinions... she has 2 kids but I'm not bothered by that.


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  • You should do what you feel is right


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  • Some people really do not communicate the greatest over social media. Please do not judge someone by how they message. I say to take her out and actually talk to her face to face and then decide what you want to do.


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  • Go on the date. You already made the plans plus you could see how she responds to you and then report back if you need further help.

  • You should stick to the date. Maybe she'll open up more. At the very least you'll be able to gauge her a little better. Then u can go from there


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