I keep getting burned at the bar by the jealous friend of the girl I'm interested in?

i've had this happen a few times recently , where i meet a girl i was really into but her girlfriend who was also with her and single became jealous i was into her instead and basically did or does things to ruin my chances or just makes things more complicated. like last night was was really into this girl and seen her at bar a few times, i think she's into me by way she acts around me but her friend wouldn't let me get near her or give me any alone time with her at the bar so i could talk to her. and then eventually they left and disappeared. i've had similar scenarios happen before. and not sure what to do about this


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  • Try asking her number or approach her when her friend is using the toilet.

    • that was the whole problem , I couldn't get any alone time , the 3 of them even went to the washroom together , its a larger bar and has like 20 toilets in the washroom I think

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  • Try a wingman to make the friend not feeling left out. A lot of girls go with the code that they came together and leave together and so there's not really space for guys.

    • when I go to that bar I don't really have anyone else to bring , its a popular place so maybe someone else want to come with me but often I wouldn't even know who to ask , a lot of the people I knew who went to bars have moved on with lives by now , its more of a younger crowd now so I'm not as familiar with people who go there

    • Soo maybe that's the problem. Why are you still hitting on younger girls at a bar? Try some other places.
      For a girl, it already seems a bit weird if a guy goes alone to a bar. Friends also protect their friends from guys they don't approve (like guys who look like they only want sex from them or soemthing). It's not always jealousy.
      Try some other place with a different crowd.

    • its not an exclusively younger bar in that sense , is older people who go there , you'd find people of various ages , I do tend to find some of the younger women more attractive. there seemed to be more of a jealously element to these recent encounters than anything else

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