Long-distance, he rejected me, but he still sends me mixed signals. What does he mean?

There is a guy that I extremely like, and he's sending very confusing signals. We went to high school together, he used to be the "shy nerd" and I was the "trouble-maker". We always did have some kind of attraction together. Two months ago we saw each other after 6 years of not seeing each other, and he turned hot (but still extremely shy). Downside: he was only back briefly cause he's studying at the other side of the world. We went on a few dates, and the last time I saw him was a month ago. That day he said that he felt he led me on, and that he can't have a serious relationship with me cause of the distance, he did say that he did really like me and if it wasn't for the distance we would be a couple. I told him "fine". When he left I cried. The next day, he sent me a FB message saying that he did like me a lot, and that he wants to see me again, but that he wished that we talked about our intentions. I told him to not worry about it, and wished him a safe trip home (to the other side of the world). I haven't spoken to him since. It has been a month. But he does continue to "like" my FB pictures, statuses and so on. What does he mean with that?

Long story short: He said he liked me, but rejected me cause of the long distance. I haven't heard from him in a month, yet he still sends "likes" on pictures, statuses and so on on facebook.

What are these mixed signals? Does he like me but to afraid of writing me (cause he's a shy guy)? Or is he just liking random stuff on facebook and doesn't care about me anymore?




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What Guys Said 1

  • No mixed signals. Likes you, knows a relationship is unrealistic.

    Continues activity on fb incase he ever ends up in your town or you in his.

    Would you ever move to be with him


What Girls Said 2

  • I'm confused as to why you are confused? What are these mixed signals you are talking about?

    You went on a few dates.
    He said no to any relationship going further because of distance.
    He said sorry about that on FB.
    He still wants to be your friend and so likes your photos/status updates on FB.
    Where's the confusion or did I read it wrong?

    You don't need to do anything apart from be a friend to him as well.

  • Sounds like he does like you but, he is scared about the whole long distance thing. He doesn't feel it is a good idea or will work. I'd continue talking to other people but not cut him off completely. See where it goes but try to be open to others. Don't put it out like you are trying to date him. I'd just come back with something saying you did like him and would of loved it to be more however, you understand long distance relationships are challenging and are okay just talking as friends... Maybe throw in a flirt and say flirty friends that is with a wink. etc. See what he does with it..


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