Asking my crush on date?

I have this crush on guy from my college for months. I have a feeling he likes me becuase he gives me signs. I also think he's shy, so I want to be the one to ask him out but I am afriad of rejection. Do boys even like when girls ask them out first? Should I do just go for it?


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  • Honestly someone who is shy always appreciates their crush making the first move. Just approach him and be cool. Talk to him and get him comfortable in your presents. Once he opens up he may be the one to ask you out haha if not but he still giving signs then ask him out.


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  • Guys totally appreciate it when girls ask them out first. Go for it. No regrets.


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  • Do not be afraid of anything, Give it a try. Rejection is not the end, but you can continue as friends

  • Yes boys like it, of course we do, why the hell wouldn't we?
    GO FOR IT.


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