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So there was a girl in my class last semester, and I decided to talk to her before going to class. We hit it off, and had a good conversation, but when I sat with her she got more distant and cold. It felt as though I had over stayed my welcome (I felt she acted rude). So the next day I sat with my friends, and left her alone. I would see her in my lab and wouldn't acknowledge her, and she would do the same. Now this semester I would see her in the hallways. She would smile and wave, but I thought she was rude so I just pretended I didn't see her. So on Thursday I saw her in the hallway, and we were headed the same way. So I had to talk to her. I asked her how she was doing, what her classes were, and etc. I asked if her name was Danny and she laughed and said no it's Daena. I apologized, and told her how I was terrible with names. She said she is the same way, but could instantly recall my name. I told her I was going to sit at a certain place, and she came to sit with me, and agreed with everything I said. We had a good conversation. Soon after she had class and left after saying goodbye. My question is why did she go from being cold to being nice? And is this a good sign she is interested in me? I must have left some good impression if she remembered my name after one conversation, right?


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  • She may have been playing hard to get, or may have been in a relationship at the time; or even just getting over a relationship. If you ignored her and she still made it a point to talk to you and sit with you, I would guess she is at least somewhat interested. Good luck!

  • Maybe she just started off on the wrong foot, or maybe she's just kind of guarded.


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