Does my crush like me?

So a few weeks ago my best guy friend and my crush came over to my house for dinner. We were playing a game together and my crush kept putting his arm around me, holding my hand and playing with my fingers. So that’s definitely flirting, right? Well my friend said my crush spent the whole car trip home talking about me. We exchanged numbers and have been talking ever since. But we haven’t seen each other since. My crush and I used to go to the same school (that’s how we know each other) but I left 2 years ago. And their school ball is coming up in a few months. And he said that it would be cool if we could go together. Is this a signal that he likes me? I said I would really like to go with him. An obvious hint that I would like to go with him, right? Then he replied saying that if no one else asks me, let him know and he’d take me. Also, after we hung out at my house he was asking what the guys at my school are like and if I have a boyfriend. Is he really sending me signals that he likes me? Or am I just misreading what he was saying and doing? And why can’t he get the hint I like him too? I mean I literally said in writing ”I would like to go to the ball with him” I mean he can’t be scared of rejection because I said I would like to go with him.
Next week he is in the school play, and I am going. At the end should I ask him if he will take me to his ball?
But now he has said he doesn't have time for a relationship this year. Which I understand completely. But is there any point making a move if he doesn't have the time?


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  • He likes you, not having time might be his way of testing just how much you like him. What have you got to lose, he's already flirting with you big time, physical contact says he's comfortable with you, like more than a friend. Ask him!

    • Thank you
      He messaged me again today and made sure I was going to his play. So i will ask him!
      Wish me luck :)

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  • He fucking likes you, I've never even had signs close to this.


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