Met up with my ex yesterday and I need some advice?

so after 3 months of not talking, i texted her. we texted every day for a month because she was away.

she got back home, and yesterday we met up and talked for 3 hours and i told her i loved her for the first time. she still has feelings for me she says, but she says our relationship is great, until its not.
she wants to know why this time it'll be different, and why she won't end up broken.

i did the best i can to convince her, she gave me a smile and started hugging me and resting her head on my shoulder for much of the night. i walked her home, but she wouldn't give me a kiss. i was upset but she said she needed time to think. she went upstairs and gave me a long hug and a kiss on the cheek.

i totally understand her though. but she was ALL over me after i explained my point, but still wouldn't give me a definite answer. today and yesterday we still text as usual -- all day every day. how do i get her trust back? i really love her and will be heartbroken if she left me for good


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  • Maybe just show her that you really do care by doing small things for her, guys might not think so, but girls do recognize it.

  • Trust is not given... It is earned. And broken trust is like a broken mirror, as sad as that sounds, it can never be fully the same no matter how hard you try to get it. For whatever reason that the trust was broken, it will take time, if not weeks or months (depending on the length of relationship you guys had) to rebuild trust... All you gotta do is wait and truly be a changed person (not only you but also her)... If both of you haven't changed from the situation, it is just a pattern that will be repeated. Don't waste your and her time if both of you aren't 2000% committed.


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